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TGS2022 have prepared a business seminar, "TGS Forum," on the theme of the game industry for businee participants.

On the second day of the Business Day (Friday, September 16), a real(in-person) lecture will be held at 10:30 a.m. in the International Conference Hall of Makuhari Messe for Business Day registered visitors. Those who wish to attend are requested to complete Business Day visitor registration (paid or free of charge) online in advance and have an admission badge issued at the Business Day visitor desk on the day of the event (September 16) before coming to the lecture venue.

In parallel with the real(in-person) seminars, participants can also attend various seminars of the TGS Forum online. After logging-in to the Business Day visitor registration system (Event regist), you will be able to move to the screen for auditing business seminars online. Please select the seminar you wish to view. The deadline for archived distribution is September 30 (Sunday). There are two types of TGS Forum: "sponsored session" offered by exhibitors (the sponsor's name is listed in the seminar title) and "organizer`s session" offered by the organizer. If you wish to view a "sponsored session," please be sure to read the "Guide to Viewing TGS Forum Sponsored Session" below.

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Organizer Sessions

Program KR-01

Date and Time: From 10:30 a.m. to noon, September 16 (Fri.)

Venue: International Conference Hall 201

Metaverse Frontline : Hardware Evolution (Tentative)

"Metaverse" is a big topic. While software parts such as Metaverse platforms, NFTs, and blockchains are attracting attention, hardware is also steadily evolving.

The environment has been greatly enhanced, including the announcement of new models of Meta, and new models that are attracting attention from domestic manufacturers.

We will focus on the evolution of hardware (mainly HMDs), one of the two wheels for experiencing the Metaverse space, and share the latest business information about the Metaverse.

Chris Pruett

Director of Content Ecosystem, Meta

Chris Pruett runs the third-party publishing and designs content ecosystems at Reality Labs. Previously, he co-founded Robot Invader—coding, designing, and scriptwriting the titles: Wind-up Knight, Rise of the Blobs, and Dead Secret. He's a console game engineer and writes about obscure horror games.

Takuma Iwasa

Representative Director and CEO, Shiftall

He started his career at Panasonic and in 2008, he founds Cerevo Inc. as hardware start-up and sold over 30 IoT products in over 70 countries and regions. In 2018 he founds Shiftall Inc. as Panasonic group company. From 2021, Shiftall focusing VR/Metaverse products like HaritoraX the $270 FBT device. In 2022, Shiftall unveiled four new metaverse-related devices at CES 2022, including a VR headset 'MeganeX' and a microphone 'mutalk' that does not leak sound.

(and more)

Program KS-01

Date and Time: From 10:30 a.m. to noon, September 16 (Fri.)

Venue: International Conference Hall 302

“Future of esports”

A panel discussion on the theme of continuous and healthy growth of the Japanese e-sports market. Professional e-sports players, relevant ministries and agencies, media, and other people from various fields related to e-sports will be invited to exchange a wide range of opinions on current issues, future possibilities, and actions that should be taken by each field to open up the future of e-sports.

Sponsorship Sessions

TGS Forum offers Sponsorship Sessions organized by exhibitors sponsoring TGS2022 in addition to Organizer Sessions. The company name of each sponsor is shown on the sponsorship session program title. If you pre-register or register at the door to participate in a sponsorship session, the TGS2022 Secretariat of Nikkei BP will collect your data (personal information entered for pre-registration or the information on your name card) and provide them to a sponsor of the session (third party provision.)

Provision of Personal Information to Overseas Exhibitors and Sponsors to Third Parties

Program SR-02

Date and Time: From 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. September 16 (Fri.)

Venue: International Conference Hall 201


‘Living Asset’ NFTs: Playing Fair in the Metaverse

NFTs have taken the world by storm in 2021, surpassing $20Bn in sales, and their rise has resulted in the “play-to-earn” model in the gaming sphere – allowing gamers to buy rare digital items and hope to profit by selling them. But turning gamers into gamblers does not make long-term sense for the wider industry, as it depends on a never-ending supply of new gamers at the bottom of the pyramid. Living Assets are NFTs that can change and evolve based on how they are used in-game, thus, their market-value is based on how the gamer has played with them. In this talk, we’ll explore how this concept turns the passive experience of collecting and speculating into an active experience of using and engaging – which inherently makes more sense for games and the metaverse.

Alun Evans

CEO at Freeverse

Alun is CEO and co-founder of - the home of Living Assets (NFT 2.0). Alun has over 15 years' experience in the tech industry for entertainment, and has a strong passion for building teams with a strong collaborative culture, that are focused on creating products that solve genuine problems. He was previously CEO of, CTO of, and Director of Barcelona World Race - THE GAME. Alun has a Ph.D. in Medical Physics from University College London.

Program SR-03

Date and Time: From 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. September 16 (Fri.)

Venue: International Conference Hall 201

<Sponsor> double

Today's Blockchain Game and The Future

"What is happening in blockchain games now?" double jump. tokyo, a blockchain game development company that has been involved in blockchain game development since the dawn of 2018 and won the global No. 1 position with "My Crypto Heroes" will introduce the current and future of blockchain games.

Yukinori Matsuya

double jump.Tokyo


Joined NTT DATA Corporation in 2003 and experienced SE in large-scale financial system development.
2011 Established Facebook application development company IQ Co., Ltd.
In 2015, transferred the business to Mobcast Co., Ltd. and participated.

Program SR-04

Date and Time: From 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. September 16 (Fri.)

Venue: International Conference Hall 201

<Sponsor> NetEase Games

Ashfall: First Look Of The New Wasteland

NetEase Games' new post-apocalyptic RPG Ashfall is being unveiled for the first time, with the first gameplay trailer to be released on site. With a unique blend of Eastern elements, players can explore an unprecedented open world. The top production team includes many reknowned artists such as Hans Zimmer and Inon Zur, who helped create the game's music and art to provide an epic audio-visual feast for all players.*Speakers will appear via video message.


NetEase Games


Ashfall developer

Program SS-02

Date and Time: From 12:30 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. September 16 (Fri.)

Venue: International Conference Hall 302

<Sponsor> Twitter Japan

Content Growth Strategies Leveraging Twitter

Game producers and those involved in promotion will be introduced to the use of Twitter for content growth. As the title suggests, Twitter will support you in attracting potential fans and acquiring new fans by providing a space for public conversation.

Yu Nakamura

Twitter Japan

Twitter Client Solutions, Gaming Team / Manager

Nakamura joined Twitter Japan in 2015 as a Client Partner in charge of the retail industry, and from 2021, he is leading the gaming team as manager, overseeing the sales organization for major gaming advertisers. Prior to joining Twitter Japan, He worked in advertising sales and management at a web advertising agency after graduating from university.

Yujin Saito

Twitter Japan

Twitter Client Solutions, Gaming Team / Manager

Saito joined Twitter Japan in 2015, where he was responsible for sales in the entertainment industry, including film distributors, broadcasters, publishers, and SVOD. He has been a sales lead for IT companies in the global account team and has contributed to the expansion of ad sales in the Japanese market.He has been manager of the gaming team since 2022.

Program SS-03

Date and Time: From 1:30 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. September 16 (Fri.)

Venue: International Conference Hall 302

<Sponsor> Huawei Technologies Japan

Lecture title undecided

Raymond Liu

HUAWEI Technologies Japan


Ecosystem Development & Operation

Raymond Liu is the VP of Huawei Global Ecosystem Development, in Japan and Korea region. He has rich experience in the global ecosystem development and he is passioante to work with

Program SS-04

Date and Time: From 2:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. September 16 (Fri.)

Venue: International Conference Hall 302

<Sponsor> PolkaFantasy

Next-Gen Blockchain Game -Manetization Strategy-

Alex Hui

Fantasy Tech


Program SS-05

Date and Time: From 3:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. September 16 (Fri.)

Venue: International Conference Hall 302

<Sponsor> Moloco

Lecture title undecided

Tatsuo Sakamoto


Business Team / Head of Business, Japan

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