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What kind of event is it?

TOKYO GAME SHOW(TGS) is one of the world's largest gaming events, first held in 1996 and celebrating its 26th anniversary this year.
The contents that will be available on the official website will be the same as last year. TGS will provide information through a hybrid of real venues and online content.

(Real Venue)
Makuhari Messe Halls 1-11, Event Hall, and International Conference Hall will be used.
The real venue will include General Exhibition, Smartphone Game, Gaming Hardware, Gaming Life Style, AR/VR, eSports, Game Academy, Merchandise Sales, Indie Game, Family Game Park, Business Solution, and Business Meeting Area, etc.

(Online Venue)
Information on new titles, services and products from game-related companies, official distribution by exhibitors and organizers, TOKYO GAME SHOW VR 2023, Special Steam venue, and other contents are available.
[For trade visitors (for exhibitors and paid attendees only)]
Online business meetings/business matching, business seminars, etc. are available.

Exhibition Period

When is the exhibition?

The real venue will be open for four days from Thursday, September 21 to Sunday, September 24, 2023.
September 21 and 22 are business days, and September 23 and 24 are public days.
Opening hours are from 10:00 to 17:00 on 4days (first admission until 16:00, re-entry Until 16:30).

Business Day Admission

Can I enter the Business Day as an individual?

Admission to the Business Days is limited to those involved in the game business (those who work for game-related companies, those who are engaged in game-related jobs, distributors, etc.) and the press for the purpose of reporting on TOKYO GAME SHOW. Individuals are requested to visit Public Days (September 23 and 24).
In addition to registering for the Business Day using the "Pre-Registration Tickets" distributed by exhibitors, visitors can also purchase "Pre-Registration Tickets" or "Business Day Gold Passes," which are limited to a certain number of people, from the website. Please note that tickets cannot be issued to non-business visitors, persons under 18 years of age, or students. In addition, Business Day Pre-Registration tickets will also be invalidated if improperly obtained through auctions or other means.

What is the admission policy for Business Day?

Admission to the Business Days will begin at 10:00 a.m. on both Thursday, September 21 and Friday, September 22. Priority for admission will be given to those who have registered on the web with an advance registration ticket. Those who bring their pre-registration tickets on the day of the event will be screened for admission on the spot, so please understand in advance that it may take a little time. Both those who pre-registered and those who register on the day of the event will be asked to provide identification or a business card with the name of their company. For more information, please refer to the information listed under "Tickets" > "Business Day".

How many days are Business Day visitor badges valid?

Business Day visitor badges are valid for two days, Thursday, September 21 and Friday, September 22. However, visitor badges for the first day are different from those for the second day, so visitors who entered on the first day will need to stop by the reception desk once when they arrive on the second day to exchange their badges for those for the second day. Please note that you will be asked to identify yourself with your business card or other identification at that time.

Can game school students enter TGS2023 Business Days?

Regardless of whether your school is a CESA member or non-member school, or an exhibitor at TOKYO GAME SHOW 2023, students are NOT allowed to enter the Business Days. Please come to the Public Days on Saturday, September 23, and Sunday, September 24.
Please note that students from CESA member schools and schools exhibiting at TOKYO GAME SHOW 2023 may be able to purchase game school-only admission tickets (limited to the 23th and 24th) for the General Public Days at their school. Please contact your school for details.

I forgot to pre-register for the Business Day.

Please line up in the "on-site registration" line when you arrive at the venue. At the reception desk, please present the following documents and others for both pre-registration tickets and +G16. The receptionist will confirm that you are a member of the game business, and you will be admitted to the venue.
Photo ID (employee ID, passport, or other photo identification)
Two business cards
∙ "Business Day Pre-Registration Ticket" (for those who have a "Business Day Pre-Registration Ticket")

  • *If you forget the above, you may not be able to enter the venue even if you have a "Business Day Pre-Registration Ticket".
  • *Please note that we may call your workplace for confirmation.
I made a mistake in my Business Day pre-registration, can I correct it?

Please fill out this form and provide your pre-registration code (if you have a Business Day pre-registration ticket), the details of your registration, and the details of your request after the modification. Please contact us in person with your pre-registration code (if you have a Business Day pre-registration ticket), your registration details, and the details you would like to have modified.

I don't have a business card. What should I do?

Please present the following two items to the receptionist
1. photo identification (driver's license, passport, insurance card, etc.) to prove that you are not under 18 years of age, or employee ID card with your photo
2. a document that proves that you are working for a company related to the game industry (cover page of a pay stub, etc.)

What time does the Business Day registration open?

Registration will begin at 8:00 am. Admission will begin at 10:00am.

I did not receive an email to complete my pre-registration.

Please fill out this form and send us your pre-registration code (if you have a Business Day pre-registration ticket) and the e-mail address you used to register. If you have registered wrong e-mail address, please inform us of the correct address. If you have registered an incorrect e-mail address, please let us know the registered address and the correct address.

I would like a receipt.

Receipts for purchased tickets can be issued on the Business Day Pre-Registration System. Please log in to the Business Day Pre-Registration System and select the "Issue Ticket Receipt" menu to issue a receipt.

I would like to make a group application.

Group applications for the Business Day will not be accepted. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we ask that you register as an individual. Please register one person at a time using the e-mail address of the person who will be attending the event.

I registered for a fee, but can no longer come to the event. I want to register another visitor.

Tickets cannot be cancelled, so please take the necessary steps to change the information of the person coming to the show. Please contact us using this form.

Visitors from overseas

Can I buy admission tickets from overseas?

Tickets can be purchased online. For more information, please visit our tickets page for more information.

I need a visa to come to Japan and would like you to issue a letter of invitation.

TOKYO GAME SHOW does NOT issue invitation letters for general visitors from overseas. Please consult your travel agent. TGS Japan Entry Support Office has been established for trade visitors (game industry professionals, press, and exhibitors). For details, please contact the dedicated office.

Access to the venue

How do I get to Makuhari Messe?

Please visit the Makuhari Messe Access page at

Is there parking available at Makuhari Messe?

Parking is available at Makuhari Messe and nearby areas.
For more information, please visit

Is there a place for tourist buses to park?

Parking is available at Makuhari Messe and nearby areas.
For more information, please visit

How much is the parking fee?

For more information, please visit


Are there any hotels nearby where I can stay?

More information is available on the Makuhari Messe website.


How can I find out what companies are exhibiting?

For the latest list of exhibitors, please check the "Exhibitors" page on the official TGS website. The "Exhibitors" page has a button to display "Detailed Information", so please check the details of the exhibits in the "Detailed Information" window.

I would like to know which companies are exhibiting at the real venue.

If you see the tag "Real Exhibitors" in the company window you viewed on the "Exhibitors" page of the official TGS website, it means that the company is exhibiting at Makuhari Messe venue. After that, please refer to the "Venue MAP" to be released on early September, and you will find the names of exhibiting companies in the list and other pages in the floor map.

How can I contact exhibitors regarding my business?

If you wish to contact exhibitors for business meetings, please use the TGS Business Matching System. Non-exhibitors and other business-related persons can also participate for a fee (see "About the Business Matching System" below).

Busines Seminars

Do I need to pre-register for the TGS Business Day in order to register for the Business Seminar?

Required. To pre-register (free of charge) for the Business Seminar (real event), you must be able to log in to the TGS Business Day Pre-Registration System. You must be able to log in to the advance registration system to view the video seminars online as well.

I have not pre-registered for the business seminar, can I still attend?

On The Day attendees with a Business Day visitor badge will be accepted. Please line up at the Business Seminar Registration Desk for "On The Day Attendees". Please note that seats may be allocated to "on-site attendees" as those who have pre-registered will be guided to the venue first. Please understand this in advance.

I don't have Business Day registration, can I still attend?

Those who have not completed the Business Day Visitor Registration will not be able to attend the seminar. Please complete the Business Day visitor registration first before coming to the seminar venue. It takes about 5 minutes to walk from the registration desk to the seminar venue, so please allow plenty of time for your visit.

I missed the business seminar.

Business Seminars can be viewed on-demand after the show by logging in to the Business Day Pre-Registration System. After logging in to the Business Day Pre-Registration System, please click the "Business Seminar" button to access the dedicated page.

How long can I watch online?

Business seminars will be archived (on-demand) from September 17th (Sat) to October 6 (Fri.) after live distribution.

TGS2023 Online Contents

What is your viewing environment?

TGS Official Website can be viewed on PCs, smartphones, tablets, and other browsers.
Official programs can be viewed on various platforms such as YouTube, Twittrer, Nico Nico, Twitch, and Facebook.
The following browsers are recommended for comfortable viewing. Please note that the site may not display properly if you are using a browser other than the recommended ones.
PC: The latest version of Chrome, Edge, Firefox, or Safari
Smartphone users: Standard smartphone browser with Android/iOS
Please contact the distributor of your browser for information on how to check and update your browser version.

Official Programs

Does it cost money to watch official programs?

All official programs are available free of charge.
For business seminars, only those who can log in to the TGS Business Day Pre-Registration System can watch (non-exhibitors are charged).

What can I see in the official program?

TGS Official Programs include "Official Exhibitor Programs," in which exhibitors provide the latest information, keynote speeches, organizer programs created in cooperation with game media, "Sense of Wonder Night (SOWN)" a presentation event by indie game developers, and the announcement and presentation of the "Japan Game Awards".

How can I watch the official program?

TGS Official Programs will be available on YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, Niconico, Facebook, TikTok Live, DouYu (China), bilibili (China), Douyin (China), HUYA (China), as well as on the special TGS page on Steam. Enjoy the programs on the platform of your choice. However, some programs may not be available on all platforms due to copyright and other issues.
All official programs on TGS2023 will be available in English with simultaneous interpretation. Simultaneous interpretation in Chinese and other languages will also be available for selected programs.
If you encounter any problems in viewing the programs, please check the troubleshooting and other information for each platform.

Can I watch official programs after the streaming time? How long can I watch a program? Can I watch it as many times as I want?

Most of the programs will be archived on the official TGS channel of each video distribution platform after distribution. You can watch them as many times as you like for free. Please note, however, that some programs may have a limited archive period.

I live overseas. Can I watch in the same environment as in Japan?

In some countries, there are programs that cannot be viewed or video distribution platforms that are not available due to rights issues or other reasons.

Do I need to pre-register or log in to watch official programs?

No pre-registration or login is required to view official programs.
For business seminars, only those who can log in to the TGS Business Day Pre-Registration System can watch (non-exhibitors are charged).


Can I distribute flyers, etc. at the venue or in front of the station?

Distribution of flyers, promotional materials, etc. within the venue and Makuhari Messe is PROHIBITED regardless of whether you are an individual or a corporation, exhibitor or non-exhibitor (except for distribution by exhibitors in their own booths and exhibitors set up as part of the sponsorship menu).
Distribution outside the venue (in front of the station, on the roads and sidewalks leading to the venue, etc.) without permission is prohibited by Chiba City ordinances.

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