TGS Forum

On Business Days (September 26st and 27nd), the B to B seminar "TGS Forum" will be held at Makuhari Messe International Conference Hall for Business Day visitors.

*Mainly seminars in Japanese

If you would like to attend a seminar, please apply in advance for the seminar you wish to attend on the registration system when registering for Business Day visitor registration (paid or free). After pre-registration, you can add or change the number of seminars you attend using "My Ticket" on the registration site.

On the day of the seminar, please come to the venue after completing the business day visitor reception.

In addition to attending the seminars at the venue, you can also watch the TGS Forum online. If you have a Business Day Registration Code (invitation Code) and are unable to come to the event on Business Day, you can use the Business Day Registration Code to pre-register and watch online.

Please log in to the Business Day visitor registration system (EventRegist) and go to the online viewing screen from "Click here to view" in "My Ticket" when the exhibition begins. The deadline for archive distribution is Friday, October 11th.

There are two types of TGS Forum: "Sponsorship Sessions (the name of the sponsoring company is listed in the seminar title)" provided by exhibitors, and "Organizer Seminars" provided by the organizer. If you wish to attend the "Sponsorship Session", please be sure to read the "Information on attending the TGS Forum Sponsorship Session" below.

Information on attending the TGS Forum Sponsorship Session

The personal information that you have entered will be collected by EventRegist Co., Ltd.. It will then be managed in full compliance with Privacy Statement of EventRegist ( Also, the same information will be provided to respective third parties, CESA (Computer Entertainment Supplier's Association), Nikkei Business Publications Inc. and DENTSU, the organizers of TOKYO GAME SHOW 2024 for the purpose of the sending information (e-mail, direct mail and research questionnaire etc.). After Providing Personal Information to CESA, Nikkei Business Publications Inc. and DENTSU each will then manage your information on its own responsibility.

In addition, the TOKYO GAME SHOW use a QR code system for visitor's badges in order to eliminate the need for visitors to provide business cards and enter addresses and names at each exhibition booth and seminar room.
When the QR code on badge presented by a visitor is scanned at an exhibition booth or seminar room, or when you pre-registered for the seminar, or when you have viewed the seminar on the online viewing page, the information you registered for attending the exhibition will be provided by co-organizer Nikkei Business Publications Inc. to the relevant exhibiting company and company supporting the seminar (speaking/presenting company). The personal information provided to each exhibiting company and each company supporting seminars will be managed at the responsibility of each company, and they may use it for introducing various items such as products, services, seminars, and surveys.

CESA's Privacy Policy
Nikkei BP's Personal Information Protection Policy
DENTSU's Explanation of the personal information acquisition

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