Sense of Wonder Night 2024 (SOWN2024)

SOWN2024 is scheduled to be held at the Makuhari Messe International Conference Hall for the first time in five years, on Friday, September 27, at 5:15 p.m. with a tangible audience.
Only exhibitors and Business Day visitors will be able to view SOWN on site.
SOWN2024 will be broadcast on the official TGS program on Saturday, September 28 at 11:00 a.m[JST].

Date : September 27 (Fri.), 2024 Japan Standard Time (5:15 p.m.)
Venue : Makuhari Messe International Conference Hall

The winners of the seven awards, including the Audience Award Grand Prix, will be announced following the final judge.

Grand prix : USD 3,000

Audience Award Grand Prix

Other awards : USD 500

  • Audience Award Semi-Grand Prix

  • Best Technological Game Award

  • Best Arts Award

  • Best Experimental Game Award

  • Best Game Design Award

  • Best Presentation Award



"Sense of Wonder Night (SOWN)" is an event that aims to discover game ideas that will trigger a "Sense of Wonder" (a feeling of something changing in one's world the moment one sees or hears the concept). This year will be the 17th time for the event. The eight finalists who can present will be selected from the free exhibition project "Selected Indie 80" through a final screening process.

*Last year's "Sense of Wonder Night 2023" can be viewed on TGS Offcial YouTube channel.


  • To introduce game with a game design and ideas that are experimental and creative, and that cannot be called conventional or traditional
  • To raise awareness of the great value of "Sense of Wonder" in games, which may transform the common sense of game, and lead to invigorate the game industry
  • To provide future opportunities for those who are developing experimental and creative games.
  • To create new domains in the game industry

Five criteria that match SOWN

1A game that realizes a totally new, never-seen-before gaming experience
A game that employs technologies that have not previously been used successfully, such as natural language processing, physics engines, image recognition or gesture control, to present a new kind of experience.
2A game that challenges the common sense of games
A game that pursues new ways of gaming expressions and changes the player's vision of the world after playing and experiencing it.
3A game with emergent features
A game that brings user's activities into the game world by embedding features such as AI interactions and social elements.
4A game that makes people want to play it immediately
A game that makes everyone thinks that they want to enjoy the new experience for themselves and feel that they want to treasure it.
5An amazing game
Any kind of new, eye-grabbing and impressive game!!


The "SENSE OF WONDER NIGHT" event has received a lot of inspiration from the "Experimental Gameplay Workshop" that was started at the Game Developers Conference in 2001. We would like to express our thanks to the many people who helped to make these workshops a success and to all our friends.

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