Sense of Wonder Night (SOWN) 2022


"Sense of Wonder Night (SOWN)" is an event that aims to discover game ideas that will trigger a "Sense of Wonder" (a feeling of something changing in one's world the moment one sees or hears the concept). This year will be the 15th time for the event. The presentations will be held on September 16 (Friday), the second day of the exhibition, at the studio in Makuhari Messe, and will be broadcast live as an official TGS program. On the day of the event, the winners of the "Audience Award Grand Prix," "Audience Award Semi-Grand Prix," "Best Technological Game Award" "Best Arts Award" "Best Experimental Game Award" "Best Game Design Award" "Best Game Design Award" "Best Game Design Award" "Best Game Design Award Best Game Design Award" "Best Presentation Award

Last year's "Sense of Wonder Night 2021" can be viewed on TGS Offcial YouTube channel.​

Objectives of Indie Game "Selected Exhibit" and "SENSE OF WONDER NIGHT“

● To introduce game with a game design and ideas that are experimental and creative, and that cannot be called conventional or traditional

● To raise awareness of the great value of "Sense of Wonder" in games, which may transform the common sense of game, and lead to invigorate the game industry

● To provide future opportunities for those who are developing experimental and creative games.

● To create new domains in the game industry

  • A game that realizes a totally new, never-seen-before gaming experience

    A game that employs technologies that have not previously been used successfully, such as natural language processing, physics engines, image recognition or gesture control, to present a new kind of experience.

  • A game that challenges the common sense of games

    A game that pursues new ways of gaming expressions and changes the player's vision of the world after playing and experiencing it.

  • A game with emergent features

    A game that brings user's activities into the game world by embedding features such as AI interactions and social elements.

  • A game that makes people want to play it immediately

    A game that makes everyone thinks that they want to enjoy the new experience for themselves and feel that they want to treasure it.

  • An amazing game

    Any kind of new, eye-grabbing and impressive game!!


The “SENSE OF WONDER NIGHT” event has received a lot of inspiration from the “Experimental Gameplay Workshop” that was started at the Game Developers Conference in 2001. We would like to express our thanks to the many people who helped to make these workshops a success and to all our friends.

Member of SOWN Committee

Selection will be taking place by the following "SENSE OF WONDER NIGHT" screening committee members.

  • Kiyoshi Shin

    Game Journalist

    Professor at the Graduate School of Digital Hollywood University. Developer of VR sword-fighting game "Sword of Gargantua".
    His recent book "Metaverse Business Hegemony War" (NHK Publishing)

  • Gametapas


    Juan Gril 氏

    Juan has designed and produced a successful mass market game for 20 years. Currently the founder of Gametapas. Previously, he was the founder of the successful casual game studio Joju Games. Working with both major media companies and game publishers for over 12 years developing over 50 games for PC, console and mobile platforms. Yahoo! He started his career in the late 90's when he was one of the former members of Games.

  • Nobushige KOBAYASHI

    Tohoku Gakuin University

    International Game Developers Association (IGDA) Japan Dojin & Indie Game Subcommittee (SIG-Independent). A company that solves the problems and solutions of the relationship between Japanese game voluntary production and the game industry.Doctorate from Tokyo Institute of Technology, according to a paper "Independent Production Culture as Key to Growth of the Game Industry" (full text is available online) that analyzes the issues and solutions of the relationship between Japanese independent game production and the game industry through social science. Academic) acquisition. In June 2020, published the book "Introduction to Digital Game Research" (Minerva Shobo). Specializes in media studies and cultural sociology.


    shindenken [Doujin Circle] Circle representative, Game Planning, Programming

    KITAYAMA has launched shindenken in 2002.
    Since presenting "I'm Gonna be God of the Forest" at SOWN in 2010, he has been a member of the SOWN selection committee since 2012.
    There are more than 20 works including "QUALIA", "Watashi wa Jikan wo Tomeru" and "AGARTHA".
    >Currently, he is creating game that applies artificial life.

  • Ramon Nafria

    Videogame Ninja: Trusiga

    In 1992, Ramon realized at the age of 12 when he started playing videogames that it was the best medium to express himself. Since 1999, he has contributed to Spanish media such as Onez, Ociojoven, Anaitgames, Eurogamer, Videoshock and Vandal and produced games since 2003 in companies like Nerlaska, Gameloft, Digital Legends, Abylight, U Play, Blit Software and A Crowd of Monsters. He has been giving lectures about games at multiple universities, organizes Valencia Indie Summit, and the last game he has worked in is Alex Kidd in Miracle World Dx, the remake of the classical game from SEGA.

  • Takeshi TAKAHASHI

    NPO Ofufes

    TAKAHASHI has joined Koei Co., Ltd. in 1998. Engaged in "Shin Sangoku Musou 1-4". In 2008, transferred to Creatures Co., Ltd. and worked as a director of "Pokepark". In 2013, we acquired Oculus Rift DK1 with a kick starter and started the VR software development and VR software presentation OfuFes (now Japan VR Fest). In 2014, became independent as a VR specialist. In the same year, OcuFes became an NPO corporation. Since then, he has been actively working for the spread of VR in Japan and VR developers in the world.

  • Kazunori KOMAGATA



    KOMAGATA left TSUKUMO in April 2021 and moved to AURYN Corp. Currently, he is developing the Vtuber business and planning and selling his favorite games, merchandising in collaboration with Vtuber, and PC peripherals. His favorite game genre is action games, and he especially likes dodd pictures and 2D exploratory games.

  • Shuhei YOSHIDA

    Head of Indies Initiative

    Sony Interactive Entertainment

    Yoshida joined Sony Corporation in 1986, and joined the current SIE in February 1993.Since then, he has produced a number of software titles for the “PlayStation” platform, and in 2008 he was appointed President of SIE Worldwide Studios, the game production division of SIE.Yoshida has overseen development of franchises such as “God of War” and the “Uncharted” series.
    In Nov. 2019, Yoshida became the Head of Indies Initiative to promote indie games.
    He was also the key person during the development of the “PlayStation VR” virtual reality system, which was released in October 2016.



    Joined Kodansha Ltd. in 2018. Currently belongs to the Creators' Lab, of the 4th division.
    After working as an editor for "FRIDAY" and "Monthly Shonen Magazine", he became the Chief of the Game Creator's Lab (GCL).
    His current role involves checking the production status of 21 indie games supported by the GCL and managing the release schedule.

  • Matias Kala

    iGi indie Game incubator

    Project manager

    I worked on global governmental projects advancing my way into the gaming industry through holding large scale e-sports events and game fan fests globally.
    Now working at Marvelous Inc. as iGi indie Game incubator’s project manager supporting Japanese indie game developers with the ins and outs of game development on a technical and business level delivering games on a global scale.

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